BLUESTAR MARKERS…Do You Have One in Your County?



The Blue Star Memorial Program honors all men and women that serve in the United States Armed Services. This program began with the planting of 8,000 Dogwood trees by the New Jersey Council of Garden Clubs in 1944 as a living memorial to veterans of World War II. In 1945, the National Council of State Garden Clubs adopted this program and began a Blue Star Highway system that covers thousands of miles across the

Continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. A large metal Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker was placed at appropriate locations along the way.

What we see today is a program that has expanded to include all men and women who had served, were serving, or would serve in the armed

services of the United States. Memorial Markers and By-Way markers were added to the Highway Markers, to be used at locations such as National cemeteries, parks, veteran’s facilities and gardens.

The Blue Star became an icon in World War II and was seen on flags and banners in homes for sons and daughters away at war, and in churches and businesses. This program has been active all through the years to the

present, a fitting tribute to our Armed Forces and especially now The cost of the markers are as follows:

Large Marker:  $1,470.00            By Way Marker $490.00

For more information you can contact our Blue Star Marker Chairman:

Cheryl Hodge    304-526-3323 or email her:

Or you may visit the National Garden Club Website for information.

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