Forms: Club Membership and Dues

Club Membership list

West Virginia Garden Club, Inc

2017-2019 Club Membership List & Garden News Mailing List

Complete two (2) copies. Mail both copies, plus dues payment to:

Vivian Shomo, WVGC Assistant Treasurer • 369 Bull Run Road•Parsons • WV  26287

Type or print

Club Name District

Club President

Address City ZIP

Phone E-mail

Club Treasurer

Address City ZIP

Phone E-mail

Does your club sponsor a junior, intermediate, high school, conservation, ecology, or other type of youth


If so, please complete this section:

Name of Youth Club

Adult Leader's Name:

Address City ZIP

Phone E-mail

Dues must be paid by July 1, 2016. Make check payable to West Virginia Garden Clubs, Inc.

Annual dues @ $10.00 per member Number x $10.00 $

Registration for Junior/Intermediate club @ $1.00 per club $

Registration for High School club @ 10¢ per member Number x 0.10 $

Total enclosed $

Roster (additions/deletions/corrections):

Please read carefully

Double check names and mailing addresses for accuracy – especially since some rural addresses are changing in our state. Make corrections, additions and deletions to the roster that was mailed or given  to your club president.


Designate State Life Members (SLM) and National Life Members (NLM) by names.

Please indicate if a member  belongs to more than one garden club. Please attach a list of any member who has died since July 2016 and approximate date of death. This is the current mailing list for your club as of March 5, 2017.  If names are missing it is possible they were removed because of incorrect mailing addresses or a member may belong to more than one club. The Post Office will not deliver to an incorrect address (even those off by one digit) and it will be returned to our circulation manager for approximately $1.50 per copy. Returned names will be removed until they are updated. Each club is  responsible for updating addresses.

If known, please include email addresses of all members.   They will be used for Garden Club New Flashes only.