Forms: President’s Report


Please type or print. Make 2 additional copies. Use extra paper if necessary.

***DEADLINE – June 30, 2017 Outgoing president’s responsibility.     

REPORT PERIOD – June 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017


and ONE TO: Carolyn McCafferty, WVGC President, 206 Blaney Ave. Moundsville, WV 26041 

District Club Name
City County Number club members

# Charter members # inactive members # State Life Members # New Members

# of Women in club # of Men in club # Master Gardeners

How does your club gain members?

Does your club have an EIN number?  yes no

2014-15 Club President(s)
Mailing address City Zip

Home phone number Email address
Sponsored a new club or a youth club (print name below)?

Between June 1, 2014-June 20, 2015, how many of your club members attended:
Wildflower Pilgrimage
Landscape Design School
Flower Show School
District Meeting
WVGC Convention
SAR Convention
NGC Convention
Other (state)

Club Programs from July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015 (please describe)

Bees, Birds or Butterflies

Environmental Concerns

Floral Design

Garden Nursery Tour (where)

Landscape Design

Number of WVGC videos/dvd’s used:


Best Program of the year
How does your club raise the money to fund projects?

Does your club apply for grants? If so where?

If your club participates in the following please describe and give location

Operation Wildflower

Blue Star Memorials/Memorial Garden

Civic Beautification

Conservation (water or other Natural Resources)

Flower Show: Standard Non-Standard Theme

Date Location

Historic Garden or heritage plants

National Garden Week

Arbor Day

Landscaping a Habitat for Humanity House Location

Describe your best club project

Contributions: ( list type and $ amount below): WVGC Projects: Conservation Camp, Nature Conservancy, Natural Disasters, Habitat for Humanity, WV Botanic Garden, Blue Star Memorials or other charities


Did your club apply for any awards this year (Y or N)  yes no
Did your club win an award this year? (Y or N)  yes no
If yes, how many
Does your club have an awards chairman? (Y or N)  yes no

Youth – Did your club work with any youth groups or projects? (list below):Groups: Schools, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church Youth, other

Projects: Youth Contest: Poetry, Poster, Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl, Speech, Essay, Other:

Wild Yards: How many of your members have a WV Wild Yard Certification? How many of these were applied for since July 1, 2013?

SUGGESTIONS to make WVGC more in touch with its members or general suggestions. (Note I read the suggestions about legal sized paper from last year’s report and made the change J)

2014 – 2015 Club President– if same as 2013-2014 write “same” and if any information was incorrect in Sept directory please make note of it!
If your club has co-presidents, write the co-president’s information in the space below the info.

Club Name District

2014 – 2015 Club President

Email Home phone number

Mailing address [text-update-address] City Zip

Additional Notes:

If there is any of the above information you don’t want printed in our Sept. WV Garden News Directory issue, please so note.