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Invasive Plants in WV

WV Botanic Garden

WV Chapter of the Nature Conservancy

WV Department of Natural Resources

West Virginia Nursery & Landscape Association

WVU Extension Service

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National Garden Clubs

South Atlantic Region

Garden Club of Kentucky

The Garden Club of North Carolina  http://www.gardenclubofnc.org/

South Carolina Garden Club  http://www.gardenclubofsc.org/

Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs http://virginiagardenclubs.esiteasp.com/vfgc/home.nxg



                                                                         WVGC  INDIVIDUAL CLUB sites


GATEWAY GARDEN CLUB  http://www.gatewaygardenclub.com/

Garden Information Sites 

*** Please note that this listing is for informational purposes only

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American Horticultural Society    Sensible, straight-forward information on a variety of gardening topics, events and books, plus links to state master gardener sites nationwide.

Andre Viette’s Farm and Nursery

Deer Buster  Wildlife and pest control specialists

Farmer’s Almanac  Just like the printed version.

Florist Supplies,

Gardener’s Guide to Moles and Voles

How to Deer-proof Your Garden

Microgardening for High Rises and Apartments

 Miracle-Gro’s Garden Advice   A source of knowledge on all things gardening, gardening message boards and links to online tools like the great and powerful Ortho Problem Solver.

National Arbor Day Foundation   Database for identifying trees by matching leaf and twig information to online pictures.

National Audubon Society

National Gardening Association    A site that covers the community gardening community. Also connects you with sources for garden products, heirloom seeds.

National Wildlife Federation’s Homepage

The Nature Conservancy

New York Botanical Garden   What’s going on at the great garden in the Big Apple.

The Royal Horticulture Society    Rich source of scientific and practical information.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service    Teachers & Students button; Backyard Conservation; Teacher’s Aids

United States Department of Agriculture: Plants National Data Base

United States National Arboretum    A somewhat academic gardening resource with plenty of information on research and events as well as topics of general interest.




The Butterfly Website 

The Monarch Watch