Native Plant Patch


Discover, Connect and Take Action by earning the National Garden Clubs Native Plants Patch for Girl scouts

This program encourages partnerships between Girl Scouts and local National Garden Clubs to teach Girl Scouts about native plants in their area. Girl Scouts of all age levels are eligible to earn this patch. Learn more about this program at click on Youth or contact Tricia Mitchell, Girl Scout Liaison for the National Garden Clubs, Inc. at [email protected]

The purpose of the Native Plants Patch is to: Encourage Girl Scouts and the National Garden Clubs to work collaboratively by

  • Promoting girl-to-girl, adult-to-adult, and girl-to adult discussion about the National Garden Club initiative and partnership

  • Encouraging Girl Scouts to go to experts when they have questions while earning related badges, Try-Its, Interest Projects, or STUDIO 2B® charms

  • Showing girls a way to focus their earned awards when working toward the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

To earn the Native Plants Patch girls can:

Discover native plants. Girls will learn what plants are native to their area and how to preserve and protect those native plants as well as what invasive species are in their area. Girls will learn about resources and partnerships offered by their local National Garden Clubs.

Connect by working with their local National Garden Club members who will serve as project sponsor. In addition, girls are encouraged to make contact with native plant societies, horticultural professionals, and county extension services to help in completing project requirements.

Take Action by doing the following:

  • Interviewing someone about native plants in their area.

  • Establishing a native beauty spot in a public garden, school, church, park, town or community.

  • Spreading the word about native plants by sharing information learned with other troops and community groups, newspaper articles, radio and TV spots, or posters, fliers, and booklets.

To order patches, call the National Garden Clubs Headquarters at 1-800-550-6007 (orders only, please) Patches are $1.75 each, this includes shipping and handling. Girls will learn about resources and partnerships offered by their local National Garden Clubs.