Charitable Giving

For the past years West Virginia Garden Club, Inc. has had the following projects under separate chairmanships. These projects are now combined under the title of “Charitable Giving”

Habitat for Humanity

Since 1988 Habitat for Humanity has built nearly 500 houses for low-income families in West Virginia. By using volunteer labor, selling houses for no profit & providing no-interest mortgages, home ownership has come within the reach of low income families. The garden clubs of West Virginia continue to support the National Garden Clubs, Inc. projects of landscaping Habitat for Humanity homes in our community. All Garden Club are encouraged to work with local offices of Habitat for Humanity to locate homes for beautification.  Clubs can do plantings, provide gardening tools & supplies, educate new homeowners on care & maintenance of their new landscaping.  They can also donate money towards landscaping and building Habitat for Humanity Houses.

Nature Conservancy

The mission of the Nature Conservancy is to preserve the plants, animals & natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protect the lands & water they need to survive. Thus the Nature Conservancy has done more than anyone else to advance conservation around the world since their founding in 1951. Today’s society faces unprecedented challenges. Dwindling natural resources, declining economies, a rapidly changing climate & other threats require that all of us work together to reach common solutions. The Nature conservancy’s vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations.

World Gardening/Natural Disasters

World Gardening was initiated by NGC to help less fortunate people of the world help themselves through garden related activities. WVGC works directly with NGC to coordinate annual projects & donations. Since its nception, WV garden clubs have given thousands of dollars to provide tools, seeds to establish gardens, windmills, water storage tanks and many other basic needs for gardening. The Natural Disasters contribution goes towards re-establishing gardens in areas ruined by Natural Disasters.

Should any club or member of WVGC desire to make a donation to one of these project, please send your check made out to West Virginia Garden Club, inc. and state which project you desire to contribute to.
Mail them to:

Mary Booker
Phone: 304 342 5024
1924 Parkwood Rd.,
Charleston, WV 25314
[email protected]